Handmade Popcorn 4 lb Soap Loaf

by Petunia Farms
Save 33%
Popcorn Soap Loaf

4lb Unsliced Natural Soap Loaf

Movie time! A real fresh, crunchy, buttery popcorn scent

These Luxury Wholesale Soap loaves are a blend of pure natural oils. No animal products are used in this soap!

Sell the loaf as is, or slice it up before your sales or even slice a piece right in front of your customer! Each Handmade Soap loaf weighs over 4lbs and makes 12-14 Large 5 oz bars 1" thick. Measures approx.14" X 3.5" X 2.5"

The natural glycerin produced during the making of this soap is known to be a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin.
Made with all natural food grade oils, essential or fragrance oils,and other natural ingredients. No animal products.

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