Cool Tex 12" Latex Mattress

by 12l
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On sale now and with free shipping, the 12-Inch Latex Mattress is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen and King size dimensions. You will sleep better on the 12-Inch Latex Mattress. A Better Home Store ships the best mattresses on the market as a "bed in a box" anywhere in the Denver Metro Area or the United States. The 12-Inch Latex Mattress is made with Cool Tex, an engineered latex that improves upon the reflexive feel and benefits of traditional latex mattress. It provides the great support and feel of natural latex, yet is an environmentally friendly alternative. A mattress made with natural latex uses 1800 rubber trees. Our Cool Tex alternative saves the rubber trees and costs 75% less. Plus, Cool Tex gives you natural push back to create a higher level of comfort. Exclusive high-tech engineering allows this mattress to minimize body heat transfer. The cut Cool Channels in the Ventilated Base Foam wicks away from the sleeper.

Mattress Features:

  • Cool Tex Foam technology is an engineered latex that provides great support, while being an environmentally friendly alternative to natural latex
  • Its Ventilated Base Foam wicks body heat away from sleeper
  • Gives natural push back for a more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Minimizes body heat transfer
  • Reflexive feel
  • Works with all standard foundations and adjustable bases

Technical Specs

Size Dimensions (inches) Weight (lbs)
Twin XL 38 L x 80 W 70.1
Full 54 W x 75 L 85.6
Queen 60 W x 80 L 103.9
King 76 W x 80 L 140.9

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