Struggling with New Year's Resolutions? Why You May Need a New Mattress

If you're apart of the 21% of Americans that made a new year's resolution to lose weight/eat healthier or the 12% that made goals for self improvement, a new mattress can make the difference between you being successful or not in reaching your goals. 

Sleep Mattress

The difference between success or failure? Could be all in a good night's sleep.

If you find yourself struggling to stick to your diet or have a lack of energy, your mattress may be to blame. Consider this; the CDC reports that 35% of Americans are sleep deprived, while the rate for obesity is nearly identical. Indeed, many health experts believe that not having enough or poor quality sleep makes it more difficult to lose weight while increasing unhealthy food cravings. As a result, dieters will have less energy to exercise as well. Overall, you could be setting yourself up for failure or, at the very least, less greater success if you have poor or inadequate sleep.

So, where does upgrading to a new mattress fit into this?

If you experience any fatigue or body pains when you wake up, you could be suffering from bad sleep due to an old or just the wrong type of mattress. When it comes to choosing the right mattress, it all comes down to comfort, but as a general rule of thumb, medium firmness suits most people, especially those with back or neck pains. No matter what your preference is though, we have all the top brands from Allassea, Serta, Wolf & Mlily that can meet your sleeping style and individual comfort needs. 

Wolf Mattress

Spring loaded mattress generally need to be replaced sooner than memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have thousands of tiny air bubbles in the layers that can adjust to the pressure of your body, no matter how much you toss and turn at night. 

memory foam mattress

Upgrade to a longer lasting memory foam mattress

Although it might not seem obvious, but good quality sleep makes all the difference and may be the best new year's resolution you could make by setting yourself up for not just a year of success, but a lifetime. It really is a great investment, since it can help you lose weight, improve your memory and live longer. 

Come in store today to test drive mattresses from all the top brands with the latest in sleep technology at 8239 S Holly St, Centennial, CO 80122 or call (303)770-6321 for easy financing options and specials on mattresses. 

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