How to Select the Perfect Dining Room Table

Considering the fact that a dining room table is perhaps one of the most used pieces of furniture and is the centerpiece of gatherings in a home, it is vitally important that you choose the right style, shape, size, and features for your dining room table. But don't fret, we'll break down, step by step, how to choose the right dining room table that will be cherished for years to come:

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the perfect material for your dining room table will depend greatly on the overall look for your dining room. Make the following considerations when choosing the right material: 

  • Wood is an easy choice, due its durability and timeless look. It's also easy to refurnish, in case of any damage or if one wishes to give it a completely different look with a fresh paint or stain.

Wood Table

Gianna Cottage Dining Table Set

  • Veneer and laminate has a great advantage in that it's an affordable material and is among the easiest to clean and maintain. However, there is little possibility to refurnish this material and it's not as durable as wood. In this case, it might not fair well for very long term use or for homes with children. 

Laminate Table

Cleveland 50's Soda Fountain Bar Table with Black Top

  • Metal tables are among the lightest in weight and give a very trendy industry look. They are also fairly durable and very easy to clean, but might require a special cleaning material if it needs a good cleaning. 

Metal Table

Jazlyn I Industrial Dining Table Set

  • Glass top dining tables are among the most popular material, and for good reason. Special glass material used on these tables is more durable than ever to scratches and shattering. They also blend well with a variety of different looks and there is little chance of making stains. 

Glass Table

Grand View I Contemporary Dining Table Set

Choosing the Perfect Shape

The shape of your dining room table is another very important consideration for choosing the right table because it can make a difference between whether it will fit properly in your dining room or not. Keep in mind, many tables have the added benefit of including extendable leaves. This optional feature will serve well for large gathering, as well as for everyday use. Choose between the following shapes: 

  • Rectangular tables are a great choice for a modern and contemporary looks and can easy fit in tight spaces, while longer pieces give a classic and elegant look to a formal dining room. 
  • Square tables are perfect for a pub or bar style room, where many come in trendy industry styles with counter height options. They fit well in small spaces and many will be a great additional to any kitchen.
  • Round and oval tables are probably the best for small spaces, given the flexibility it provides in seating, while making it easy to talk to everyone at the table.

Round Oval Table

Harrisburg Cottage Oval Dining Table Set

Choosing the Ideal Size

In choosing the right table size, you'll want to have enough room to move chairs around easily, while keeping in mind the number of guests you'd like to seat. You don't have to worry about measuring, as each product description will recommend how many seats it can accommodate comfortably. But here are some things to consider: 

  • Pedestal table bases allow for more seating and make it super easy to move chairs around for an even tighter fit. 

Pedestal Base Table

Bonneville I Contemporary Dining Table Set

  • Bench seating allows for more seating than individual chairs, as a number of people can share the same seat. 

Bench Seating Table

Anapolis Transitional Dining Table Set

  • Small chairs, bar stools, and armless chairs economize space even better than large, traditional armchairs. 

Counter Height Corner Table

Living Stone Ii Transitional Counter Ht. Table Set

Now, with all this in mind, it's always best to see in person the dining set you're going to purchase before buying it online. 

You're welcomed to see in person the variety of dining room sets available in store at 8239 S Holly St, Centennial, CO 80122 or call (303)770-6321 for easy financing options and specials on dining room furniture.

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