10 ways to transition your home for the new season

I am a big fan of summer with its bright hues to match the long sunny days of fruit eating and outdoor activities. I hate to see it go but with the temperature cooling comes the excitement of a wardrobe change and a good excuse to shop.

Clothes aren’t the only thing I go shopping for. With each new season, I look forward to adding decorative touches to my home. A change of scenery offers a new lease on life. New plans. New memories. Plenty of picture taking which usually accompanies baking--especially during the Fall season with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.  


There are a few catalogs that I look forward to getting in the mail. Pottery Barn, Through the Country Door and the less expensive, LTD Commodities to draw on ideas and incentive. The glossy, pages of pop and whimsy pique my interest offering a potpourri of seasonal color to delight the senses. On a lazy morning, I thumb through the pages with hot coffee in hand, relaxed, inspired, feeling optimistic for the next few months to come.

The thing is...these stores promote seasonal splendor on every page meant for every room. I’m often wonder how practical it is changing furniture and wall art seasonally? That’s an expensive proposition. I think the wiser, more prudent plan is swapping out less expensive items such as tablecloths, curtains and bedding. While I enjoy gazing at the rustic chicness of Pottery Barn, admittedly I get my ideas and shop elsewhere for some less expensive seasonal touch ups.

Here are 10 items that can help you transition your home for each new season:

  1. Tablecloths, placemats and runners
  2. Kitchen hand towels and mats
  3. Bedding such as comforters, sheets and quilts.
  4. Bathroom decor including shower curtains and guest towels
  5. Curtains/drapes
  6. A few decorative items to display around the house
  7. Fragrance including hand soap, shower gel, kitchen hand lotion sets, candles
  8. Door sign and welcome mats
  9. Throw pillows-For a more cozy, winter look, make use of throw pillows that add a thicker texture, warmer colors and patterns. Affordable and easy, they can be placed throughout your home on beds and couches.



10. Don't forget your yard. There's still some time to spend outside although a sweater and blanket may be part of that plan. A fire pit is a cozy and romantic way to spend with a special someone or gather the family around for spooky story telling. 


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